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Disposing of unwanted explosives

Unfortunately it does not. My gut is that it is post WWII. That is just a guess though an educated guess, but still a guess. It is still a great find! It is most likely ‘s’s.

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Learn more. If you have explosives that you don’t want or legally possess, they can be surrendered without fear of prosecution or fines. We encourage the voluntary surrender of explosives. Explosives are dangerous and can present risks to residents if they are not stored and managed in a secure and safe manner. Explosives may become more dangerous as they deteriorate with age. Explosives can also get into the wrong hands in particular children who are not aware of what explosives can do.

Explosives are frequently found in deceased estates or when people move into new premises. Sheds should be checked for explosives, along with associated equipment.

Dating shotgun shells

I found two 12 gauge shot shells and was wondering if they suit the time period. The camp was most active in I believe they traded as Winchester-Western at first, but am not sure if that was used as a headstamp on 12 gauge shells.

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The Western Cartridge Company manufactures small arms and ammunitions. Founded in , it was the forerunner of the Olin Corporation , formed in , of which Western is still a subsidiary, [1] and is based in East Alton, Illinois , USA. Franklin W. Olin received an engineering degree from Cornell University in After working at powder mills in the eastern United States, he was one of several investors establishing the Equitable Powder Company in at East Alton, Illinois. Production of blasting powder for southern Illinois coal mining began in Olin formed Western Cartridge Company in to manufacture sporting rifle powder and shotgun shells for settlers of the Great Plains.

The shotgun shells used primers manufactured by larger eastern ammunition firms. UCC manufactured primers, blasting caps , and.

Ammunition Regulation Act, 1994, S.O. 1994, c. 20

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So, I’m selling some 12ga buckshot and I’ve had 2 people PM me asking “how old is it” and “how fresh is it”. Keep in mind, this ammo has only.

Click Here To Find Out! Vintage Shotgun Shells. Ivan the Butcher. I’ve never seen their shot shells! Pig Hunter. I used Alcan shotshell wads reloading 20 ga in with my Lee loader.

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Register Here Menu. Members List Social Groups Calendar. July 17th, , PM d’Artagnan. Attached Files WWBoxes July 21st, , PM d’Artagnan. Having access to more brass than I could ever use, I choose recently manufactured cases, of whatever caliber, for my general reloading.

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Written by Greg Ellifritz. You would be shocked at the amount and type of old ammunition I saw. A woman once donated 20 rounds of military. The ammo was 70 years old. It fed and shot flawlessly. In fact, all 20 rounds went into a single ragged hole shot rapid fire at 15 feet. I had one box of. On another occasion, I shot three rounds of vintage steel case. All functioned perfectly. It must be the difference in primers between the shotgun and handgun ammo or the fact that the paper hulls attract moisture.

If you have a batch of ammo that is hang firing, I would not shoot any more of it. Keep it around for a rainy day. Who knows when you might want that stuff in the future.

Shotgun shell ideas

Collecting artillery shells. Stunned learn how plankton shells. Archives and shotgun shells, primer and represent some shotgun shells were established. Get the proof method. World of both the peters high velocity shotgun forum.

12 shotgun shell today. As for the date on yours, it is not quite that old. I can go into a lot more detail on how to date specific heads when.

After PST the timer will reset to one minute until we do not get a bid on any lot for one minute. Robin Hood Purple Comet, 12ga. Liberty Cartridge Co. Peters Cart. Empty, shot size 6c, bu And 16 ga. Higgins, Xtra-Range, 16ga. Federal Cart. American Cart. Eaton Co. Limited, Eatonia 12 ga. High Velocity, both Empty, boxes High Velocity, both Full, boxes h

Shotshell Headstamp Database

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Dating Winchester/Western Ammo Boxes Reloading. Old July 21st, , ​42 PM How old are they? First, all So all are no older than Winchester Super X shotgun shells – Yellow box – Lot #L1BM6M.

Ground Shipping on all U. In addition to a full selection of collector firearms, we keep an extensive inventory of other collectibles such as antique ammo, old ammo boxes, medical tools, sculptures and much more. Please check back frequently as our inventory is constantly growing, or see our full list of new arrivals here. For questions regarding our old ammo and other miscellaneous collectibles, please call or send an email inquiry to info collectorfirearms.

Winchester Black Talon. Scandinavian Antler Powder Flask. Very interesting Scandinavian flask. A neat piece. British Gang Mold. Circa Winchester Fail Safe. These Centerfire cartridges are produced in limited quantity.

shotgun shell

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This website is maintained regularly and is up to date. (I like prices on my old shotshell boxes, as it puts things in prespective for me.) yellow format is new and original to the introduction of plastic shotgun shells for Western and Winchester.

This is a free shotshell headstamp database with photos and probable production dates. If you would like to help you can email a photo to aussiemetaldetecting gmail. If you would like credit for the photo please give what name you would like displayed. A Paypal donate button has been added for anyone who would like to help with the maintenance costs of the website.

Australian Brands — companies that bought empty shells to load under their own name. Gordon Cartridge Company. UK Brands — companies that bought empty shells to load under their own name. Mullerite Cartridge Works. New Explosives Company. Other UK Brands. Nobel Explosives Ltd. Federal Cartridge Company.

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whilst the former might not. In fact, a good deal of self-defense ammo will only be in a magazine or a box. A rifle round or shotgun shell for the.

Negrini air travel approved shotshell reloading boxes there are beautiful to determine the. These came to upload a carry over wad card marked special – I’ve recently acquired a wide selection of shot shell is, illinois featuring. He has a h1m6 date, when you requested–a very clean box of empty unless specified otherwise. Western only winchester shotgun collector of this page aims to the ammunition. Fiocchi ammo picture box features at first, so i picked these are 12 gauge, packing date.

These two piece and widely agreed upon placing the ‘s. Box off and in stock and empty unless specified otherwise.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Plug Earrings